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Diabetes and Foot Care
Diabetes and Foot Care Very few Torontonians actually realize how important foot care is for the maintenance of overall good health and even fewer are aware of how many health issues can arise due to improper care of one's feet. Diabetes is one of these potential health hazards that may come to pass or be exacerbated by a lack of attention to two of the most important body parts responsible for our ability to interact with the world on a day to day basis.
You may find yourself asking, "How exactly do diabetes and your feet correlate?” To answer that we must first understand what diabetes is; a metabolic disorder where the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to sustain proper blood sugar or glucose levels. Without insulin our cells are not able to absorb the excess amounts of glucose in the blood stream. People who are diabetic are prone to poor blood circulation which directly affects the feet with certain discomforts such as tingling or numbness as well as a harder time maintaining their warmth when faced with cold weather.
It Doesn't Stop There
People with diabetes should take extra precautions with their feet as they are much more susceptible to a number of different afflictions some of which you can find below:
  • Undetected nerve damage to the foot also known as Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Difficulty healing increasing the odds of rapid infection damaging the foot and making it difficult or painful to walk
  • Stiff joints
  • Foot ulcers
  • Charcot's joints, a diabetic foot condition that means bones are weak and more likely to fracture

In some extreme cases if problems persist and proceed to worsen over time, amputation of the limbs is a very real possibility. Foot Solution offers a way out before it gets to that point with an assortment of specialized products and services all geared to the best treatment of your feet so that you never have to worry about the possibility of this happening to you. Your feet will be taken care of by our professionals and you can devote your time to other aspects of your life that need attention. Save your feet the trouble of walking and use that index finger to dial us up at (647)430-0756 or click on the following link http://www.footsolutions.to/ and take a look at what we have to offer. Your feet

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Foot Solutions offers care for those with diabetes to avoid common foot problems that arise in those that suffer from this metabolic disorder.
Arthritic forms can manifest itself in problems of the feet which can be treated or avoided all together with the best in foot care as offered by Foot Solutions.
Body posture is heavily reliant on your feet, and it's unfortunate we don't realize that how our constant abuse of our poor feet impacts our overall health.
If you're suffering from tired aching feet, bunions, back pain, hammertoes visit us for your customized foot solutions.
Toronto has many arthritis patients who ensures pain every day. Treatment to reduce the pain and prevention of arthritis development is very important for our well being.
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